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I have a loving husband and four wonderful kids ranging from 4 to 20. We are on our a huge adventure this year homeschooling the two younger girls. My oldest son is in college, and my other is a senior in High School. Many reasons led us to this place. And I am super excited! I thought I would share my adventures online in hopes that if you are new to homeschooling like me we can help learn from each other. But mostly I just thought it would be fun to share and make some friends along the way!

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17th August

Sight Word Sentences

When I started homeschooling I was so lost. ha ha I was running in circles trying to get the classroom together, find curriculum, and come up with a system that worked. There were many changes!! We tried many things only to see they didn’t work or that the girls just didn’t learn from it as easy. One thing that I had put together though worked amazingly though!! I had been given the kindergarten and 1st g

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17th August

Magic School Bus Fun

It is funny how you can find the best resources in such common places. (wink) Today in Science we were learning the parts of a flower and how they grow. I am only in week 4 of this adventure and I have already learned that if we keep our noses in the books we can all get bored pretty quick. Thankfully there are tons of things out there that can help with this. Some of it is getting outside and getting some hands on l

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17th August

Our Classroom

So after a rough year, last year, for my daughter who was in Kindergarten my husband and I decided to homeschool her. This is not my first time to ever do this. But it is my first time to do it on my own. My oldest one needed a bit of help in 7th grade so we pulled him out for the second semester and did an online charter school at home. I was able to work with him 1 on 1 on certain things and when he went back to pu

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Hysterical things my kids say....

  • It’s always good to have a swirly umbrella in case you ever need to hypnotize somebody.

    Addison - 8 yrs
  • Karson: Mom why do we call Nana, Nana?
    Me: Because that is another name for Grandma.
    Karson: WHAT!? We have a grandma?

    Karson -4yrs 9-2-15
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