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    14 Jun

    Sight Word Sentences

    When I started homeschooling I was so lost. ha ha I was running in circles trying to get the classroom together, find curriculum, and come up with a system that worked.

    There were many changes!! We tried many things only to see they didn’t work or that the girls just didn’t learn from it as easy.

    One thing that I had put together though worked amazingly though!! I had been given the kindergarten and 1st grade sight words from Addison’s kindergarten teacher during the year she went to public school.

    Even though she had gone through her kindergarten year and passed, she was not being able to read and the sight words were something that just frustrated her. I wanted to come up with a way to make them fun and not just write and read flash cards consistently.

    What I did was made flash cards with all the words. I then I figured out how many weeks I was going to do school and I divided the words by number of weeks and placed each group of words in a zip bag labeled ‘week 1’, ‘week 2’, and so on….


    Next I made sentences to go along with the words. I took all the sentences and wrote them out on sentence strips that I had bought at the teacher supply store. I then cut up each word in the sentence and placed each sentence in a bag and numbered it according to my list.

    We would take the words and spread them on the floor and I would call out a word and the girls had to find the word. Then we would take one sentence out at a time and have it all jumbled up on the floor and they had to put it back together.

    Being that my youngest was still learning her letters I would use a small dry erase board and each time I would write the first letter of the word that was suppose to go next and tell her the letter and the sound. Then she would look for it. After a while she started learning the words and the letters and was able to start doing it without the dry erase board every time. My oldest only wanted me to read it once and let her figure it out. She loved the challenge.

    So here are my words and the sentences I came up to go along with them. I thought I would share them with you so you can use these with your kids too! Anything that works I am all about passing along! (wink)


    PS. I have my family names in the list. Just swap your family’s names out in the spots and write sentences using those so your kids can learn how to read those instead. (wink)

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